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Rocket Book

I have been insanely forgetful since having sort-of-kinda-maybe recovered from COVID. And I keep writing things down to remember on random notepads… and then promptly forget it exists Or I can’t find where I wrote it down. So this system is really not working for me.

Not saying my memory was grand pre-COVID infection. I am absentminded and when my brain decides to notice there IS a physical world outside of my head- it isn’t all that observant. Just gets caught on another drifting idea and floats off into that and generally forgets its surroundings and things like eating. So yeah, not so great with notes or appointments or what the hell is the date anyway?

I have tried a lot of solutions to this problem, and I have also forgotten to use those solutions. And since our household is currently under the constant assault of a cyber hacker/stalker nutjob I need a solution that is Mostly offline. And the more that dickwad persists in this bullshit the more offline I get. And I don’t really have a problem with decreasing online time and moving necessary things offline for the most part. It is just flashbacks to the way things were back in the day. A lot of which is still a comfort zone for me. Being as I am a paper hoarder.

It occurred to me that a hybrid solution may actually be the best one. And I found one that I had seen before but just set aside at the time. But now seems really like the best of both worlds. Because I am that hybrid generation that was raised mostly offline and grew into a dominate online world. Half my brain really digs notebooks and paper and calendars, and the other half wants programs and apps and gadgets. But I don’t like the idea of being wasteful. So the idea of buying planners over and over and over doesn’t appeal to me. And I really do like having things online to reference when I need to especially when out and about.

Welcome to the best of both worlds: Rocketbook

With the Rocketbook you write with these Pilot FriXion pens, of any type, then scan the pages into the app which also can be shared to any of the devices you have linked. You simply wash the pages with water and begin again. And re-use it over and over and over. And have all, some or none of the content online in the formats you desire.

There is a QR code at the bottom of each page for scanning. And symbols you can X off that mark which program you want to send the pages off to, if any. And it can also transcribe them- if your writing is half decent. My writing isn’t even close to half-decent, but we shall see. Anyway, the scanning process is easy, and it zips right off to the apps I chose it to easy peasy. So I have it online and in my little scheduler.

bottom of Rocketbook

The image above is the bottom of the Rocketbook. The QR code is off this image to the right. You can see these small images here and the three I X’ed off. Each of the images I have assigned a specific program. Or an email address. And when I scan the pages, these are the apps, programs or email accounts these pages will be sent to. So each page you can choose which places they will be sent to. If any.

It has the month view, week, day, some blank note pages, and a whole goal setting section. And on page one is a condensed year few to jot short things in the months.

Here are some shots of sample pages I have not used:

They have more than one type of scheduler and they actually have a bunch of notebooks as well (those are what I had come across first a while back). And I saw they have some new products as well. Definitely worth checking out. If you are into stationary, which I am, and gadgets, that too, and reusable instead of disposable, also into that.

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