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Fabula Cards

Trying out these cards called Fabula. They are designed to help writers physically map out their novels. I bought them while trying to hold off one of those narcoleptic like nap attacks during which sometimes I am sort of pretty much asleep and still doing things. So I don’t actually remember buying them. I do remember seeing the ad though and I remember contemplating them. That is the same thing when you’re insanely tired.

I think my sleep deprived brain thought physically and visually plotting a novel made logical sense. I think because we are still having cyber security issues here it is very difficult to plot, brainstorm or write a novel… and have that information actually remain long term in your system without being corrupted. Because people are dicks, that’s why. There really is no other reason for that one. No real logic to it. It is a mad, mad world out there, man. Anyway, novels can be written so many ways. And outlined so many ways. And I guess my sleepy brain decided this one was cool. And it is really.

What you need:

  • The cards
  • Tape or that Tac sticky stuff
  • And sticky notes

So I am going to give it a go. One flaw is that when I am writing (And I haven’t been due to being so ill lately… and of course, sort of annoyed with the cyber security issues so just haven’t bothered lately to put an immense amount of effort to secure something when I will likely have to reformat the system it is on relatively soon.) but when I Am, I am writing maybe 2-4 WIPs at the same time. Just how I roll. I have one deck of cards. So that is tricky. But, again, so many ways to outline. I may use this for my primary novel. My #1 WIP.

But since I haven’t been in my groove with this vertigo and long-COVID I think focusing on one might be a good idea anyway. If I do give others a go- I will give other methods a go.

They also have an app which I think I will try out when I feel like my phone is partly stable. Whenever that is. No worries on that. I like the card idea. And again, if I feel the urge to do more than one novel… well, then there is the app. I will likely check it out anyway.

So this is the general premise of the idea:

You have your asset cards over to the right somewhere and your notes or pictures or whatnots. And then your story development cards go in a linear line and below that your editing cards go in a linear line. This is actually taking up a whole wall and I haven’t shown you the whole thing. And obviously I just started with my notes. So… it will be chaos. But fun chaos.

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