The life

I am death to plants

Yes, I admit that I am a murderer of plants.

Death to Mother Nature.

It isn’t intentional. And I have read on how to care for plants in general. And then specific plants. But as soon as they are around me they really do not dig my vibe. And they just seem to prefer death over me. It is sort of insulting really.

The Succulent

I got this wee little dude from one of the local garden centers near us. There is a really nice nursery my boyfriend likes to go to for our outdoor plants. And those thrive. He has a green thumb.

And I saw this guy along with a teeny tiny cactus. And I got both of them. Plants are great for mood and I love them. They just do not return the love.

Anyway, the cactus is on the kitchen windowsill and seems to be just chilling.

The succulent was in my computer room so I could see him all the time. But then… well this happened. He started getting the colour of death.

So I brought him out to the windowsill too?

Because… reasons?

And hopefully this will save him.

I know they are not the plant to choose for someone like me that clearly sucks with plants. But he is so adorable. I wanted him so much. And now I am killing him and regret this choice. But I will see if the extra sunlight will revive him.

My snake plant on the other hand is one hearty fellow. He is so big now we put him in another planter. He is the only plant I have ever had that has lived as long as he has. People have said snake plants are good to start with because they are pretty sturdy. And he is. But they have said that about all the plants I have chosen and that is why I chose those pants… and they were definitely wrong in my case. But in the case of my snake plant, he rocks.

4 thoughts on “I am death to plants”

      1. I don’t think I did that. I thought, maybe not enough light. So I put it on the kitchen windowsill. And that was working.

        And then it wasn’t.

        So I thought… now it’s too much light.

        So now it is on the countertop.

        I think it is very sensitive. lol

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