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365 Days of questions: Bored?

365 Questions, One Page Per Day: A One Year Self-Discovery Journal 

Day 87:

What is your favourite way to deal with boredom? And what are three better ways?

Well, I am not someone who has a problem with boredom. I am someone who has a problem with too many hobbies. And I’m also someone who has a problem with being pretty chronically ill and particularly now my functionality sucks so I have to Really value the limited amount of time I can do Things.

So I have a lot of things I like to do, when I can do the Things:

  • Art
  • Writing (blogging, freelance or novel writing) So that is technically 3 things.
  • Reading. This one is particularly hard with the long COVID symptoms I have at the moment. It is like reading when you have not slept for three days and are on the cusp of falling asleep- but you’re like that all the time. So… my focus sort of sucks.
  • Game night with friends. We have not done many of these since the pandemic though.
  • Learning new things online for funsies.

Also I have other things I sort of temporarily get obsessed with for shorter durations like weeks or months. Usually some skill or learning I am really into for a bit and obsessively dig into for some time until my brain is satisfied with the results. I can completely tune out reality when I am into the Zone with these things,

Better ways to deal with boredom?

Honestly, I like my ways, thanks. There are worse ways. There are things I would rather be doing but since I am too dizzy or in too much pain or this infernal extreme sleepiness prevents me from doing them. And so veg out on the couch watching TV. Which is mind-numbing. But with this narcolepsy thing I have going on I do that because I am so tired I can’t function and if I don’t lay down I will actually fall asleep for a short time upright and doing things. And it can be a lot of micro naps. And then no recollection of what I Did. So, best to lay down and let that sleep attack just happen so I can function a bit after. But daytime TV sucks. Sometimes I just listen to music instead.

So when your disability is at a low functioning level it can be boring for sure. But I try to find ways around that. Like, I have been able to do more artwork because it is a different type of concentration and focus. And I can still do that. Other things I have to just do teeny tiny bits when I can. And hopefully, soon I will be able to do a bit more and have Good days. In this case, with the whole potential narcolepsy thing it seems like I am going to have to wait until the sleep study and diagnosis before that gets any better. So I will just have to cope till then. Boredom isn’t the problem though. It is falling sleep all over the place. And being out of my Mind tired.

I don’t quite understand how people that get bored easily. That any moment of time off or rest and they have nothing to do. I always have things I am into. Mostly introverted hobbies, that is true. But definitely ways to entertain myself. However, when I find spending time with others is things like watching TV that is when I get bored. So I might start drawing or doing things at the same time. TV just doesn’t entertain me for long unless I am really into the show. But TV for the sake of TV… yeah, no.

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