Poem: Intuition

I wrote a poem recently when I was thinking about the nature of intuition.

Intuition seems to take all that information we absorb from all our senses and that we take in from learning or reading or any source at all… then it pieces it together like a puzzle into insights. It delivers it to us from the depths of our minds like a gift and we have no idea where it came from. But these insights are amazing. Like our brains are just working in the background while we are doing other things- picking and choosing data points too fit together. It is pretty interesting.

While other intuitions seem to be based on like reading micro expressions. So we Know something about someone. And it is definitely accurate but we don’t know how we know it. But our brain picks up a lot of information we are not consciously aware of. If you ever read the book Blink it is about all the in the background split second thinking our brain does in the background. Some of which, is Not accurate, but the brain needs to make these quick judgments to functions and it can make mistakes. But these intuitions based on behaviors and micro expressions can be extremely accurate. If a guy gives you the heebie jeebies it is usually for a very good reason.

Poem: Intuition

From the depths,
From the deepest dark,
Comes the seeing and knowing
Surging into your heart.

At first a flutter, then a drop.
With a shiver, you want to hide,
But the feeling is growing
It cannot be denied.

The hidden is seen.
This spark, so fragile, your guide.
Settle into the flowing,
Knowing a truth not to be denied.

N. Albert

It also inspired an expressive portrait charcoal drawing which you can find on Artpal.

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1 thought on “Poem: Intuition”

  1. Yes and much more as well, very intuitive people can almost be said to have special powers that are not normal. They are actually quite normal and we are taught from an early age to ignore them. Reading not only the minutia but the energy of a person that is projecting love, you feel calm. Reading the energy of a person that projects malous intent and you feel like the fight or flight response is kicking in is very valid!

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