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First day of Rodeo Fair pop-up sale

The pop-up sale is an interesting experience. Since it is my first time, I had no idea what I was doing. Prior to it I was brainstorming all the things I needed to do. Set up a way to receive payments, as an option. Get prints because I figured at a fair people likely wouldn’t fork out for an original and I could always use those prints elsewhere if they didn’t sell. Little bags to put the prints in. I have display frames (super cheap frames I use to take pictures of pieces but are not exactly ‘good’ frames). And some business cards I designed and were cheap to order.

So I did fairly well on the planning side of things such that I think the next time I will have a fair idea of what I need to do and the things I will do differently. And the things I will need more time for.

The day before set-up

This is my view from behind my table. Chilling with my pop.

There were very few people coming in. It is a fair. And a rodeo. And also apparently at the exact same time there is also a trade-show in the same building. I guess a lot of people didn’t even know where we were- and thought we were with the trade-show. Which is actually a logical assumption. So we lost a lot of foot traffic. So super duper slow. And I am told much slower than usual for these things. So very few sales between us all.

I actually got 1 sale. And that was lucky. But she was very happy and excited with her purchase and, man, that made me feel good. And I got so many compliments on my work and that also made me feel cool. Some people took my business card and that is a good thing to get out there. So all good for experience for my first pop-up. And there is always tomorrow.

I did sell 2 pieces on Facebook to my aunt prior to going to the pop-up because I posted what I was going to be selling. So technically, I have sold 3.

Display pieces

I did these two floating framed pieces with prints. They are both pieces inspired by migraine auras and also by poems I have written. So I printed the poem and framed it inside with it. Some people really liked that- but it is for specific sorts of people, I know- I just wanted feedback. I plan more of them for a different sort of event and wanted to see the response overall to that format. And I got some awesome feedback. They are priced higher simply due to the frame so I do not anticipate actually selling them but I do want to gauge the response to them. Sort of market testing, as it were.

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Artwork for rodeo pop up sale

First Day of Rodeo Fair pop-up Sale Pin, dark blue back ground.

4 thoughts on “First day of Rodeo Fair pop-up sale”

  1. I am so excited about you displaying your art and getting out there! You are talented and I think people will love it all! Sharing your art is scary but invigorating too. I hope that more people will be able to see your work and be as excited about it as I am!

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