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Artwork for rodeo pop up sale

There is a rodeo fair coming to town and the Leduc art club is doing a pop up sale there. I put myself in for a table… because I am nuts. Well, actually I thought it would be a good place to test the waters. We have an Art Walk here too but it is 50 bucks a booth and since I don’t know if I would turn a profit I thought I would test the waters first. Do this and maybe some of the places where they put up art around town in coffee shops and s forth.

Since it is a rodeo event and a fair I thought I would put up a variety of works and not just my expressive faces. So I have a crow, a woman figure in pastel and a piece I did of a woman sitting down with her head in her hands.

Then I worked up these pieces to add in the mix. Two women in cowboy hats in different styles (one completely pastel and more of a cowgirl style and one just in charcoal) and two horses (one in charcoal close up and one mix of charcoal and pastel on a thick paper that blends super good that helps it look more like a painting- that is a horse running). I touched the horses up a bit before I sprayed them and got them to the print shop so I have no final shots of them as I was in a bit of a hurry, but these are close to finished.

I have 10 11X14s. And 30 10X8s. Not that I think I will sell all of those but that the place I chose for the prints only does batches that size. So… that is what I will have total. If I have any left I will sell the prints next time and on Etsy.

The idea of doing this event is exciting and freaky. Also with all these long-COVID symptoms it sounds like it will be tricky. But I want to try anyway. Because I feel motivated to do so.

Artwork for rodeo pop-up Sale Pin in Dark blue, cartoon horse image
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