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365 days of questions: out of comfort zone

365 Questions, One Page Per Day: A One Year Self-Discovery Journal 

DAY 25:

What is one big thing you could do this month to expand your comfort zone?

I already did one thing out of my comfort zone and that submitting a piece of art to a local exhibit for Mental Health Awareness Month. Which is now being shown for the month. I still have a lot of issues with being self-conscious about, well, anything I do. So it is steps like that are important for me to get beyond my Impostor Syndrome.

The second step outside of my comfort zone is to sign up for an art class on the 19th. It is for all levels and is part of the Mental Health Awareness campaign the Art Foundry is doing in town. So I signed up. I know I will enjoy it. Again, though, is that insane feeling I get that I just generally suck, a lot, at everything that always makes me hesitate. I have never been to an art class before and all I know is self-taught and winging it. This one is very casual so I thought it would be a good first step- to dip my toe in.

These sorts of things are quite hard for me. I want the feeling of belonging to a community of people that do what I do. Be it art or writing or whatever. But I have this fear that I am not good enough. And also I am extremely introverted when it comes to situations like that which require opening up about things that are deeply personal. And art and writing are deeply personal. Not on the level one would talk to the average person but on the level you might relate to another writer or artist- because they know what goes Into it. And a hell of a lot of you goes into it. It’s like asking someone to just take a peek at your soul.



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