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Mental Health Art exhibit

Update on the local mental health art exhibit we have locally here. I have a piece of art in it. The style isn’t the style I am now working in but it is still a nice piece I think. I have a hard time saying since I am so new to all this and my art is still changing at a rapid pace.

This is a pic of the piece I have up anyway:

I still haven’t had a chance to stop by the exhibit myself yet. I am still dealing with Super COVID long-term effects. So it is exhausting to exist right now. But I do want to get out there and check it out.

This Instagram reel is a preview of some of the art. Mine is on it as well. I think it’s the third one but it goes fast so maybe not. When I get to go there I will take a pic to show.

This is the exhibit on Mental Health I have a piece of art in for Mental Health Awareness Month, all of May

The clip from the local paper

Mental Health Art Exhibit Pin in dark blue

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