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365 questions: one page per day

So I found a book on Amazon Prime called 365 days; one page per day, a one year self-discovery journal.

I thought I might write some small blog posts on the topics. Perhaps not every day or every topic though.

Day 1:

In what area of your life are you most successful? What lessons can you learn from that?

Well, that sure depends on how we define ‘successful’ because certainly society would not label me successful being that I am disabled (not a functional, productive member of society).

And when you look at other typical areas they are rather tainted by chronic pain’s influences as well. And by own lack in excelling in those areas. Not awesome at the social skills all the time.

But being that I have chronic pain, chronic migraines, and now vertigo, those very things have made me successful in things I might otherwise not have been. I am great at problem solving, I am extremely versatile and I have resilience that goes way beyond normal measures.

My ability to adapt to adversity is insane. The fact I have to sort of sucks. But the fact I can, is a damn good skill. I developed resilience, mind you. And that was so damn hard earned. Because it didn’t come naturally. What came naturally was pushing myself beyond my limits and burning out. Over and over.

What I can learn from these skills is that we change. We grow. We adapt. Our self-identity and sense of self evolve and shift. I constantly grow and learn. Perhaps that is something I am successful at as well- my openness and drive to learn.

Even with low functionality I have resilience. And even then I adapt as best I can to have some semblance of a life. And I can find worth and value in the smallness of that life and its simple pleasures… even though society would not value it as such.

And those things enable me to be better than I could be. I do have some kickass coping skills. Now. Aside from really crappy pain days.


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