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365 days of questions: advice

365 Questions, One Page Per Day: A One Year Self-Discovery Journal 

Day 2

What advice would your 80-year old self give you now?

I imagine my 80-year old self would have some serious WORDS with me.

But really she would tell me I have one life to live. To not waste it on things that are not worth it. And not to spend time indecisive when I know what needs to be done. It’s just a way of procrastination. To have as much life satisfaction as I can without wasting time on things I know diminish it. Always considering everyone’s feelings and thoughts before my own needs, desires and wants. I think my older self would tell me that isn’t cool- that I have the right to have fulfillment without considering every other person’s needs and feelings.

She would also tell me, ‘Quit smoking, you twit-stick.’ Because, yeah, that needs to happen soon.

She would remind me to be my authentic self and to not forget that because we are constantly pressured to be what society wants us to be and do.

At my age now, 45, I would have a hell of a lot of advice for myself in my 20s. Because we begin to own who we are more in our 40s. We begin to care a lot less about other peoples’ opinions about who we are. Which is why I enjoy this age I am now.

But I imagine by 80 maybe my older self would have wanted me to live More. Do the most with what I have. Unfortunately, I am out of sorts physically right now. And I have to really think out of the box for things I can do to have a life. But I know an older me would want me to experience as much gleams of sunshine as I can within the limitations of this body. But also to never ignore those limitations and burn out, as I have done oh so many times in my youth- when I wasn’t capable of letting myself have limitations and tried to force myself to fit with society’s expectations of me.

There is a balance there somewhere. Never just do nothing because of pain and vestibular issues. But don”t try to Be Everything either.



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