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The Art of Mental Health Exhibit

I have a piece of art in a local exhibit at the art foundry here for mental health awareness month.

It was really cool to be accepted for it and I have always supported mental health awareness month.

I have a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder and while that is managed at the moment there have been long durations of my life when I wasn’t being treated and I struggled a great deal with it. Art and my writing are ways I cope with depression and chronic pain. In fact, creative outlets are likely the best distraction and coping strategy I have. Because it is a pain distraction but it is Also a way to work through all that tangle of emotional intensity in a healthy way.

This is the work that is up- although I did do a bit more work on it, it is still very similar.

It is sort of funny because by the time it was chosen I had moved onto a more expressive style that would have worked even better for this sort of exhibit. Ah well, such is life.

The Leduc Art Foundry is also holding a workshop for Mental Health Month that I signed up for.

I have never been to a workshop or art class for that matter so it sounds fun.

Creating Art for Mental Wellness– It is on May 19th. Mixed medium and supplies provided. The workshop is based on how to use your emotions as a creative outlet.

The Art of Mental Health Pin in dark blue. Frame at the top with image of my artwork in the exhibit inside.

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