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Lingering COVID

So in mid-February I had COVID. With Asthma it was a bit rough even with being fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, some symptoms have just lingered and lingered and lingered.

I am chronically ill though. So it is really hard to say if something else has gone off because of that or for some other reason or it is Long COVID. I do know it is some seriously extreme fatigue, exhaustion and powerful tiredness that cannot be ignored (like nap-attacks that I can’t avoid. I Have to sleep. I will sleep while doing things). Honestly, I wouldn’t even think it is humanly possible to sleep this much or be this tired. I am used to fatigue and pain but this level of just exhaustion that makes it difficult to even get around or do simple things is more intense than I am used to. Maybe because it is compounded over my existing fatigue and pain and brain fog and normal chronic illness stuff.

My heart rate is jacked right up. And I am just so fatigued I get tired just walking a very short distance. But that may be because my asthma is still messed up and I need my inhaler more and still getting short of breath.

I am not sure if it is because I am chronically ill that is delaying my recovery or it is just taking a while for me to recover or what is going on. My doctor is going to run some blood work and see what is what. And a chest x-ray.

I had my regular MRI to check up on my potential MS issue as well and I have an additional demylinating lesion. My neurologist is certain I do not have MS so I am not sure what this now means. Maybe nothing. Beats me. But if it means something it is entirely possible all these symptoms and others are related to that. I literally have no clue. And can’t ask him until I see him at the end of May. But I assume if he thought it was serious he would see me sooner. So I think I am all good on that end of things.

It is complicated with chronic illnesses. And tests like an MRI showing lesions but no decisive diagnosis. And vertigo with no decisive diagnosis. I get those things can be complex but sort of sucks for me being in limbo and all.

And now this extreme fatigue and tiredness. Damn. I just can barely Person right now. I have No energy to do anything. I have been drawing more than writing because drawing I can focus on… writing requires more brainpower and I seem to be in short supply of the energy required for That. Same goes for reading. So limited activities here.

So sort of a suckfest. I am pushing myself to do a small amount of activity via housework or some short walking because I fear this inactivity and excessive sleeping. I worry about it. So I am trying to maintain some level of activity.

So I do hope this doesn’t persist for much longer. Everything just requires so much damn effort right now.

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