Sketching to just chill

I just wanted to relax today and thought I would do some figure art practice. I have this book on expressive figure art. I decided to use it for some of the poses and structure- it is a pretty awesome book overall and goes through a lot of mediums. Expressive Figure Drawing by Bill Buchman.

I stuck with charcoal, ink and pastel because the reason I want to just practice some flow and poses is to perhaps try some larger pieces of some reference photos I have in charcoal or pastel. But I thought I would just get myself into the flow of it first for a few days of just some sketch work. Since I have, back in the day used this book before, I thought I would go through it again and see what there was to see- try new things and explore other poses or the mediums I like. Check out some things.

I am also working on something else at the same time so my larger paper is in use – so using a smaller sketchpad for funsies is all good for a day where I have a wicked migraine and just want to have something to distract my brain. Just for the practice and fun. The last one is just something I just did myself and not from the book. Anyway, I didn’t spend any time on them as that really wasn’t the point. It was just to get the general idea of the figure and such.

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