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Yep, I have COVID-19

So we have had a shortage of rapid tests around here for some time but my boyfriend went to the pharmacy and they finally had some. He got two boxes free (one for me and him). I guess that you get a free one every couple of weeks depending on supplies.

I had a cold so I took the test. Negative! Woot.

The next day my brother takes the test because he was feeling really unwell (Coincidentally some guy at his workplace came to work sick most of the day and turned out he had COVID). So to be sure my brother takes the test. He is Positive (Turns out more than a few people at his workplace also are at this point). So that wasn’t good. We ALL take the test. All of us (My boyfriend, my brother’s girlfriend, and myself) are negative. Only my brother is positive. So we socially distance and so forth. Should be good.

But that night my chest ached with my cold- like it does when my asthma is aggravated. And my muscles ached. And I had a killer headache. I sort of was getting the feeling I might have it but wasn’t showing on the test yet. But I do have fibromyalgia and chronic migraine disease- so maybe a coincidence.

Two down

The next day I feel insanely worse. Insanely fatigued and it is insanely draining to Stand. My eyes are all red and poofy. My cough is so much deeper and worse. My ears are plugged and sometimes ringing and painful. I am very congested. Sore throat. My entire body hurts like a major fibro flare. And my head and neck are killing me. I feel just so unwell.

So I take yet another test. And it is very positive. It turned color fast there was no doubt on that one. So I was right- I was sick before but my viral load wasn’t high enough to show on the test yet.

So here is my test:

I find it odd they call it a rapid test. It is fast, definitely, but it is like a little chemistry set they give you.

  • Put the little vial into the stand.
  • Put the little container of solution into the vial and gentle swirl.
  • Take the stick and politely insert into your nose until you tickle your frontal cortex, start to tear up, and sneeze… then remove.
  • Put the now contaminated stick into the vial and swirl around, gently, to get all the COVID off the stick. Let sit for 2 minutes.
  • Put little eye dropper lid on vial and put 3 drops (Not TWO, Not FOUR, but THREE drops) into the test area of the test stick.
  • And then wait 15 minutes impatiently. But if you have COVID that COVID positive line will show up Damn Fast. But, nevertheless, wait the Full 15 minutes in hopes that it may spontaneously disappear.
  • And, no, it did not. You have COVID.

Three down

The next day my brother’s girlfriend, who also had a cold, took the test again. Also positive. We knew she did. But it is good to verify just in case there are complications you have proof for your doctor that was the cause of those complications. You do need to know.

And there was one

My boyfriend has taken three tests or more maybe and still negative. Some super immune system or something. My brother and his girlfriend only have one vaccine. So I can see them getting this highly contagious variant. And me? Well, I am not healthy so basically even with three shots I am more likely than anyone else with three. So maybe my boyfriend just has a good immune system and those three shots are doing their job. Also, he had a different vaccine than all of us. I had Pfizer. And my boyfriend had two AstraZeneca and his Booster was a Pfizer. So maybe that AstraZeneca is kicking ass! Either way, I know my immune system sucks so if anyone near me had it, pretty inevitable I would.

It is day four

So it is day three and according to what they say about the vaccinated I should be all good to go by day five. I am not too sure about that. I don’t seem to be getting better that fast. But the asthma might be causing me issues. Also I always take a long time to recover from flu, colds, and viruses… let alone something like this.

Fibromyalgia just gives me a sort of ‘fatigued’ immune system and because it is sluggish it takes its damn time recovering from everything and at the Same time all the fibro symptoms get cranky because I am sick. So it is never fun, really. I catch every damn cold around and then to add insult to injury it takes me twice as long as everyone else to get through it. Pretty rude really.

So here is a not pretty picture

I took this picture because it is insane how tired I am and you can see it in the eyes… it is actually hard to just keep my eyes ope. You can actually see that heavy fatigue there. That is the same for all 3 of us. A Lot of sleeping and nap attacks going on here. And just that drained feeling when we try to get around.

We are all lucky it is the Omicron variant and not one of the other variants. It is weaker if much more contagious. And since I am triple vaccinated definitely weaker for me. My brother’s girlfriend had pneumonia last year and has uncontrolled asthma- so yeah, very lucky it is this variant. And same with me and my health issues.

So while she and I are coughing a lot and feeling serious fatigue issues, along with all the other symptoms… I don’t think it will progress into something worse- I hope. But is i insanely draining for sure. I just have no energy for anything. You get up to go walk around and it feels like gravity itself is against you… pulling you down with this immense fatigue and you are lightheaded and absolutely exhausted. So… you really don’t want to be up and about for long. It reminds me of my vestibular issues when they are severe and not treated- that intense fatigue and dizziness, except this is more lightheaded and unwell feeling- like ‘I better sit my butt down before I fall over’ feeling.

It has been a very weird year

First get hacked and find out someone has been cyber stalking you for years- who the hell even knows why. We are not that entertaining but whatever. And then most of us get COVID. Most years do not start off this eventful.

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