Artwork: playing with mixed mediums

I have been playing around with different mediums lately. I found some pastels which have been fun to play around with although I only have a small selection of colours. And then is still really like ink and charcoal mixed.

This one was actually charcoal and then layered over that was white and gray pastel. I think that would work better with black pastel but, again, don’t have much of that to play with. And this was interesting.

This one was mostly playing with the pastel colours and blending and then some details with ink.

This one is actually a lot of things. I was using pastels. And some ink. But also some pencil crayons because without a lot of different pastels to play with sort of hart to get some of the colours I wanted in there- and the face would have been really, really Pink.

This is another charcoal ink mix. I was actually just playing with a different sort of style on this one. Sort of dig it.

Anyway, now that I think I have set upon some of the mediums I rather like to use I will move onto different subject matters.

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