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My hacker bud likes the Facebook

So my hacker stalker hacked into my old Hotmail account I kept open strictly for Microsoft things. According to the junk-mail she/he/they left behind that was before may 2021 I think it said.

And then they made a Facebook account with my name. And then in November they friended Me with it. So that is just awesome, eh? I don’t tend to accept friends unless they are a) family, b) part of a group I usually friend with mutuals or c) we have some good mutuals in common. So not sure why I did really.

They left behind an old Hulu account. So I re-opened it with my email. The name under it was Nicole and my last name. My name (For reals, not pen-name) is Nikki. The birthday they had in there was June 30, 1984. I have no idea if that is their birthday but sure isn’t mine.

Not Nicole, dude

The thing that I found hilarious is that for someone trying so hard to stalk me and immerse themselves in my online life they clearly had no idea I hate the name Nicole. It has an insanely long backstory to that. And if you knew me well you’d know That.

It isn’t that I personally hate the actual name. I hate Being Called Nicole. Because that Isn’t my Name. It was so insanely frustrating as a kid with teachers and other adults to have to say No, it Isn’t Nicole, it’s Nikki. Damn it!

So anyway, that made me laugh my ass off.

But it isn’t really funny. Apparently there is another account out there because my uncle and cousin have seen it show up in their Facebook suggestions. And reported it as well.

I am not sure what is up with this cyber stalker/hacker person. If they want my life they can:

  1. Pay my debts
  2. Take my chronic migraine disease, fibromyalgia, and vertigo
  3. Live on a teeny tiny fixed disability income

Have fun with that, man.

The Cyber Attack

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