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New Year’s Resolutions

So it is the end of year 2 or 15 of the pandemic and so we must make our resolutions for year 3 or 16 of the pandemic…

First Resolution: Find my way out of this house

I have been in hermit mode for what seems like decades now to avoid the plague. Winter has descended upon us. With it came a cold snap that has iced the windows in the inside and frozen the doors shut and thus I can’t escape the house even if I wanted to. Others in the house come and go as they please but I don’t have the muscle strength to open the frozen door or close it so I am trapped. However, I fear if I step outside I may die of severe frostbite within seconds so perhaps it is for the best as long as the other occupants in the house bring back enough chocolate for me to survive on.

One day…One day I will be free…

Second Resolution: Make more lists

So that I can be way more organized. Lots of lists. I don’t actually have to ever look at them again. I think the whole idea is that you just have to make a lot of them. Then you can say you’re totally an organized person. Right? Right.

Third Resolution: Stop procrastinating

You know, because if I hadn’t been procrastinating I would have made this list prior to New Year’s Eve… instead of finishing it after. But whatever. Still counts. I will stop procrastinating… NOW. Like… NOW. Right… NOW. Well, maybe tomorrow would be a fresh start for that. So not now, now. Soon now.

Fourth Resolution: Make house smarter

My brother got me some smart devices for Christmas. Including some smart light bulbs. So I properly named my lamps: George and Fred in the living room and Lucy in the computer room so no one gets confused when commanding the smart lights on and off. They Obviously needed names. We have discovered we can force each other to listen to music by ‘casting’ it to various things around the house… so that is fun. I feel like if I can make the house smart enough all the devices might combine into one consciousness. I feel like that is a good goal to aim for. A conscious house.

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