Artwork: working with ink

I have been drawing with ink a lot lately. Sometimes in black & white but recently playing around with colour as well. Attempting new things mostly.

I did this one for Halloween.

It turned out a lot better than I thought it would actually. I’ve never drawn anything like it before. So that was cool.

Midnight doodle

So this I was just doodling in the middle of the night.

I took that doodle and played with it some more

Portrait of my mom

I did this portrait of my mom for Christmas. It was done in black & white sketched and then layered in coloured and then layered and then layered. I am not a portrait artist by any stretch of the imagination but I thought I would give it a go in the ink medium. Actually, likely the best portrait I have ever done.

Artwork: Black & White portrait in ink
Artwork: Face sketch in ink
Artwork: ink and watercolour

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