FAHLO: a way to contribute to animal conservation

Fahlo helps with animal conservation. You help save animals with each purchase (Previously named Wildlife Collections, LLC)

It was when I was gift shopping I came across it. I wasn’t shopping on Black Friday so this is not a Giving Tuesday purchase… but the same idea applies. A way to give that fit in with my budget which is really quite limited.

Title: fahlo- a way to contribute to animal conservation 
Image: close up of my wrist with fahlo green bracelet beads and white elephant

Helping raise money and awareness for all endangered wildlife species is the overall mission at Wildlife Collections. Along with sea turtles, Wildlife Collections also supports elephants and polar bears through the sale of their tracking jewelry. “Since plastic pollution in the ocean is at an ever-increasing rate, we felt that raising awareness for the rapid decreasing population of sea turtles was a great place to start,” said Gunter. “With some in-depth research of trying to figure out what organization would have the biggest impact on saving sea turtles, we set our sights on the Sea Turtle Conservancy as the clear choice to partner with!” .

Sea Turtle Conservancy

Listed as an official partner to save sea turtles as there are apparently a lot of scam ones out there. I wasn’t going to give a donation to anyone without doing some research on the company first… so I did some.

Conservation efforts:

  • Sea Turtles: partnered with the Sea Turtle Conservancy in 2019 to launch The Journey Bracelet, and donate 10% of net profits to their incredible mission
  • Elephants: 10% of net profits are donated to Save the Elephants in Kenya, which specializes in elephant research and works to protect wild elephants. 
  • Polar Bear: 10% of net profits from our polar bear collection are donated to Polar Bears International to help save our sea ice and secure a future for polar bears
  • Orca: Also partner with the Orca Research Trust, who protects orcas and their habitat through conservation, education, and scientific research
  • Sharks: The summer of 2021, we launched our Voyage Bracelet in partnership with Saving the Blue-…and will donate 10% of net profits from our shark collection

I bought two. A One That Will Not Be Named. It will be gifted for Christmas (So super-duper secret even though said person is highly unlikely to see this post). And an Elephant one because I have a strong belief in elephant conservation efforts.

Although, to be honest, it is hard to pick just two when I am such an animal lover but I think every bit counts and I wanted to do a little bit – in the season of giving. Not that there is a season specific to giving but sometimes we don’t exactly have expendable budgets to give. (My SIL and I do plan on doing some de-cluttering this month to do some donations for December. There are ways to donate without money. Such as things you are no longer using and clothes that do not fit. And such as your time)

I thought I would post about it because it is a unique gift idea. Or a way to contribute to conservation yourself. Or for your child to learn about animal conservation.

My Elephant Bracelet

Image: Fahlo bracelet on my wrist green beads with white carved elephant bead.

My elephant: Jenga

35-year-old bull. He is from Tsavo West National Park in Southern Kenya. He’s been tracked since ‘2018 to better understand Elephant’s movement and space requirements in human-elephant conflict area.’

I doubt everyone receives a unique card, every single time (there must be overlap), because I really doubt that many animals are being tracked. That isn’t the point of the charity effort. It is to help with the conservation overall, of course. This just personalizes it. Nevertheless, you get a card with an animal profile and the ability to see that animal’s movements on the app they have. I rather hope they get so many donations that a lot of people are looking at Jenga’s movements just like I am.

Fahlo profile card that comes in the mail. Shows elephant profile image and name of elephant (Jenga)

The Fahlo Tracking app

So you get a QR code on the animal profile card you get with your bracelet.

You just scan that, download the app, sign in and your the animal you are helping with your donation’s profile is up.

Profile page

In Fahlo app main profile page
n Fahlo app main profile page

Where Jenga is this moment

In Fahlo app satellite image of Jenga's current location
In Fahlo app satellite image of Jenga’s current location

Where Jenga has been out and about

In Fahlo app satellite image of Jenga's recent path
In Fahlo app satellite image of Jenga’s recent path

So this is an interesting idea. I believe there are more than one of these donation/tracking companies. Just check them out first, as there are (as one would predict), a lot of scams out there.

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2 thoughts on “FAHLO: a way to contribute to animal conservation”

  1. It’s disgusting when prudent and sobber people do everything and raise money to conserve animals, including wild life, yet other insane monsters slaughter wildlife just to make jeweleries or keep them as trophies,. It’s a shame! I am from Kenya and I experience a lot of this stupidity, the law should activate the death penalty to people doing such things, otherwise, what does justice mean? Hails for the post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t understand the mentality of people who kill animals for trophies… it is so vile. I wish there were far more laws to prevent this sort of injustice and the laws were actually enforced.


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