I am getting into podcasts

I never thought I would be into podcasts since audiobooks generally put me to sleep. But podcasts hit that sweet spot for me because they can be on any topic, which means a whole lot of topics I am into. And I am into a lot of different things. I don’t always have time or even the money to buy or read non-fiction books on all the things I am into. Although, I do take deep dives into the internet on specific subjects when the mood takes me.

So I was watching Dr. Death on TV and I learned it was based on a popular podcast. It intrigued me because I wanted to hear more details on that story. I’m not particularly into that subject but in that story-line, I was. So I checked it out. While I was, I bookmarked a dozen or so other podcasts I thought I might also check while I was exploring.

And I am really digging a lot of podcasts at this point. Especially when I am relaxing, when I am too dizzy to do much else and really not into watching the same crap on TV.

Some of the Podcasts I like so far

Dr. Death

As I said, this one sort of drew me in. Maybe because I was sort of fascinated by the American medical system and how that sort of thing happened. And how horrifically horrible that doctor is. Then the immense sympathy I had for his surviving patients left in more pain, as I also have chronic pain.

Your Undivided Attention

This is about the affects of technology and about thinking about Humane Technology instead. I have only got through a few episodes so far but it is pretty fasinating.

Relationships & Relationshits

This podcast is all about our attachment styles. I was already familiar with these and already knew my attachment style… and had been working a bit on it actually. But this intrigued me because I wanted to learn more about how they interacted together.


Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett host this one. They each invite a guest to interview, taking turns, and the others are not aware of that choice until the moment arrives. And they have some fascinating guests and conversations.

I haven’t explored the other ones I tagged yet. There are some psychology ones, one philosophy one, a few brain ones… some really random ones that just caught my interest. I think I might hold off on them until I have at least gotten further into these a bit. Otherwise it will be like a book situation… with a massive to-listen-to list.

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