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Another Pandemic Birthday

Pandemic birthday episode II.

April 28th was my 44th birthday. I got my 1st vaccine shot not too long before it too. So that was a great way to celebrate.

This year, April is rather cold, gloomy and still tending towards snow rather than rain. So no chance at inviting anyone over for a fire- since we can socialize outdoors here in small numbers. But not indoors. And not in restaurants and bars.

So we kept it pretty chill really.

My spouse bought some goodies

As well as a gift card for books for my present.

We ordered pizza for supper. Had mousse cake for dessert. And we binged Netflix all night.

Some hobby time

I did some drawing as well. I thought I would try ink as a medium again but for a portrait and more detail. I may give this a go again for something larger. I only have one ink pen to use so that is a bit tricky. I may use birthday money to fix that or practice first to see if I like the medium first.

It turned out not too bad for my first shot at it. Interesting enough that I do want to play with ink more, for sure.

And I finished the night with some good writing time as I usually do.

I wonder as we focus on mundane things and events if it is because we have become numb to all the gut punches the pandemic has been tossing out? Or is it that we crave a sense of normalcy? Or simply that we do not quite realize the impact the pandemic is having on us and on society yet… like this building undercurrent. Maybe all of them.

I have a lot of resiliency from years of experience with chronic pain and the stress of that tearing me apart- and then having to build myself back up. I recognize the stresses people are under. I recognize the poor coping strategies. I recognize the denial. The anger. The numbness. The attempt to ignore it and just pretend everything is fine- even as the stress eats at you. We are only human. It takes a toll. It all takes a toll. You can’t will it away. The only way out is through.

There is nothing wrong with living though. Nothing wrong with enjoying simple things. And celebrating birthdays. And taking walks. And reading good books. And doing art. And listening to good music. Bingeing Netflix. Whatever it is you enjoy. The thing about life is: it goes on.

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