Artwork: faceless

I have a thing for faceless images. Something to do with masks and the unseen. And the Look of the Other that sees but never actually Sees. Likely because I’m chronically ill with invisible disabilities. I am very used to judgement but also just not being seen at the very same time. But it is a lot more than that. There is the aspect of the facade that we all put on but especially when you are chronically ill to try to conform to societies standards. So I end up with these images that are nude and stark- seen- and faceless- not seen at all.

It seems a bit creepy to other people, I think, some of my art. But, well, some of my art comes from a mind that writes fantasy fiction. But this sort comes from the sort of mind that suffers from chronic pain. And when we suffer that creates a lot of different sort of experiences to manifest in different ways. Not just the typical sort of Suffering Images. And art for me, is a sort of art therapy so it is how I express a lot of that tangle of experiences and emotions. I don’t expect a lot of people to really understand that. When they really never understand it when I use my Words, either.

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Woman in darkness
Light tough: face

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