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Don’t let moose lick your cars. What about Bighorn sheep though?

A story hit the news Canadian officials warn drivers not to let moose lick their cars

People were all like What The? But Moose have figured out that salt gets on the cars… providing a rather convenient salt lick. Moose and cars are not a good combo so thus the warning. It makes sense. I would Really avoid that situation. They are Massive. And everyone knows if you get in an accident with a moose it can be easily fatal. So, yeah, keep driving.

My boyfriend and I can attest that animals have figured out the whole salt on the vehicle thing. We found this out years ago. It was back in 2013 actually. When this story hit the news it gave us a chuckle remembering our incident.

I like to go to Jasper because it is close by and just spectacular. And my boyfriend and I once went in April. Much earlier than usual. Things were just starting to thaw and it was beautiful really. We saw more wildlife than usual during that trip.

We encountered a herd of Bighorn Sheep. A herd of them in the middle of the road. So we slowed down to let them pass.

Well, they didn’t pass.

They already figured out what the moose apparently have as well. We were surrounded. My boyfriend’s truck became one massive salt lick. We could hear their horns butting against the truck as they licked away.

At first, we had no idea what they were even doing. We could hear their horns against the truck but that was about it. Attacking? No… Then when I looked down out the window I could see one massive tongue just licking away.

We didn’t want to move because they were so close. So that didn’t seem like a viable option.
We were not sure if in this situation honking the horn would be what one does… or really should Not do.
So we thought maybe we should just wait it out.

A tourist bus stopped ahead of us going the other way. I think they were laughing at us stuck in our salt lick Bighorn Sheep trap. Mind you, we thought it was pretty funny too because we were rather stuck for some time. And there were quite engaged in licking his truck clean.

And the result was a whole lot of lick marks and horn rubbings all over the truck.

Now imagine being in a car with a moose charging at you. Yeah. Nope! Just keep driving your mobile salt lick down the road, people!

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