No NaNoWriMo for me this year

I contemplated doing NaNoWriMo this year even though my vertigo has been causing problems but I have decided not to.

My doctor has decided, in her infinite wisdom, to take me off one of my vertigo medications because she thinks the other one will be sufficient. Whereas I said Both are sufficient. Needless to say, my opinion is of no concern. So I am slowly going off my main vertigo medication.

I am down to 2 pills from 3 at this point and I am:

  • Extremely dizzy all the time
  • Very fatigued and tired due to the dizziness
  • And then kicks in the severe balance issues and trouble walking and standing

So it goes downhill from here. And here is basically laid out, tired, dizzy, sick and unable to walk far. Soon comes the vertigo bouts and drop attacks. Well, I had 1 drop attack already but there will be more.

All to prove that, hey, yeah, I need this medication. I love proving a point by becoming violently ill and possibly injuring myself in a fall. It is going to be so bloody fun.

Anyway, I can’t write like this. I barely function at all like this. I am barely a human like this.

It would have been very hard on my medications to do Nano but I was willing to try. It would have been the first year I likely would not have won but I would have tried. Now I can’t try. I doubt I will be able to do any writing while I go through this purge and into vertigo hell.

Makes me a bit sad. I love Nano month. But sometimes things just are the way they are.

But good luck to all who are doing NaNoWriMo! It is a blast, win or lose! Just striving and the routine and the productivity and the community… all awesome. So Have a Blast! And write your hearts out!

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9 thoughts on “No NaNoWriMo for me this year”

      1. It will be a bit of a stretch but I can persevere. Just need to make it to see the specialist and hopefully they will give me alternative treatment. I’ll just have to wait it out till then

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