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Ghost Orb

So I am having issues with this haunted house thing of mine. My skeptical brain is really trying hard to explain all these things that do not have an explanation. So I tried with video evidence and my first video wasn’t clear enough for people to really see. So I gave it a go again and caught more ghost orbs. Some of which I know must be dust… or I should hope so or I have some serious issues. But some I can’t tell… because I am not a paranormal investigator. I know it doesn’t move in a straight line and is round.

Anyway, I got two long videos with a crapton of these on there. Some I am Positive must be dust even though there is no air flow or disturbance… must be… and others… not so much. And some are large… I do not have massive dust-balls floating around in the air.

I am perplexed. And I don’t know what to do about the activity. I tried stuff. Nothing works.

So you tell me. Ghost Orb or Dust?

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Ah dust or orb? You tell me

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3 thoughts on “Ghost Orb”

  1. Personally, I believe in the existence of ghosts…or, at least in the possibility of the existence of ghosts. That having been said, my layman’s hunch is your videos are a case of backscatter (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backscatter_(photography)). We used to get that a lot with night vision and/or low light security cameras. (And also some other fascinating video clips like a spider spinning its web, raccoons snooping around looking for food, and other suburban “wildlife” out for a midnight stroll).

    Regardless of what it is, I think it’s really interesting, and if not too scary, possible creative fuel for future stories! Provided the ghost isn’t too scary or obviously intending harm.

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    1. That is the best article that I have read to explain this. Thank you! Also I took it to try and explain something I can’t explain and then came up without This which I Also could not explain and sort of irked me. But you explained this one at least… so I am back down to the original one now. Which I could explain That issue now. Nevertheless, thank you for that reference… makes a whole lot of logical sense.


    2. By the way, I do believe in the possibility of ghosts. Since I have had some peculiar experiences. I just like to have evidence beyond my skeptical brain. I like to have everything that can be explained out of the way first. And if everything can be explain and accounted for, then I am more likely to believe something is paranormal


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