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My ghost shows itself

This is a good time to explain this story so near to Halloween.

So I have had a ghost hanging around my house. It seems to be particularly keen on getting my attention. Specifically at night it shakes the bed, pulled the covers, pats my feet and if I ignore it, which I typically do, it can really shove the bed.

My boyfriend is a very deep sleeper but the more aggressive movements will wake him up to like a stage one sleep and he will groan and grumble and shift position. When he Does the ghost stops fussing about entirely. And when my boyfriend settles back into a deep sleep again… ghost starts back up again. So basically he wants my attention and keeps Me awake.

So obviously my boyfriend has a hell of a time believing me since he never feels a damn thing. And if he has I suspect he things it is me moving about and just goes back to sleep.

But this has been going on for quite some time. With the added addition to some noises and strange things but mostly the shaking of the bed issue. And I have no clue what to do about it.

And finally I was like I am going to get some evidence somehow and brought my Smartphone to bed with me. And bed starts shaking. I take my camera and take some pictures of darkness. Wondering if anything would show. Then a video of darkness… but then as I am taking the video I randomly decide to flick on the camera light and pan the room. Not like my boyfriend is going to wake up from his coma like sleep. So I did. Then turned it off. Taped some more. Did it one more time. Turned it off.

Then I put the phone down and tired to go back to sleep. And, surprisingly, bed didn’t shake at all. No activity at all.

Come middle of the night when I wake up with insomnia, as usual, I look at all this stuff and the video when I turned the camera light on the first time their is this light orb zipping out of the room fast as hell. Camera shy? But if that was it then that explains the lack of activity after.

I have it slowed down to half the speed too because it moves fast. But this is the one I posted.

And so I proved Something? Maybe? Anyway, my boyfriend does believe in ghosts and does not like the idea of them at all. So I am not sure I should have gotten evidence. But the fact that he didn’t believe me when this ghost was damn well driving me nuts every night was annoying. And I have tried all sorts of things to get rid of it… some of which work for short durations… it just comes back. I literally have no clue what to do about it.

It is odd. I am very much a skeptic of this sort of thing. But when it rather shakes you constantly at night and then shoves the bed. And pulls the blanket. And pats your feet. Day after day, after day. Sort of gets to the point where you believe Something Weird is going on. And my brain is like I will get evidence to show I am not nutbars, damn it. Whether this is evidence or not, I can’t decide. It is some sort of light zipping out of the room that I do not know what that would be.

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