Artwork: Practice makes perfect

So lately I have been practicing different parts of the human body to improve my figure drawings. So practicing different angles and poses and body parts. Just sketches each day. Nothing complex or detailed really.


hand drawings

The first was different hand poses and angles. In the first drawing book I had I did my own hand in a few angles. But I never tried just hands in different angles. So I thought I should practice more. Hands are tricky so practice is always a good idea.


feet drawings

The next day was feet. I actually have not focused on feet so drawing these for practice was a very good idea. Especially different angles. I will definitely be utilizing this practice.

Facial components

I wanted to learn proper ears so I drew them. That was an important one to figure out for me. Lips and nose are just practice of different ones and shading and such, which I feel is important to improve on.

Next will be some eye practice, more nose angles, more lip expressions. And then we will play around from there.

And for fun I drew this little charcoal dude.

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