Thanksgiving Day 2020

I am Canadian and today is our Thanksgiving Day. We had thanksgiving dinner yesterday.

But it IS 2020. The year of suck. The year that never happened.

So we just had Thanksgiving within the household of just the 4 of us. Keep it small they told us, preferably just your household. So that is what we have done. Just my boyfriend, my brother, his common-law girlfriend, and me. And Charlie, my cat, can’t leave him out since his loves his Turkey.

Keep in mind we have only ever cooked turkey 1 time with my mom’s help and she came over for that one and helped more.

We shoved a lemon up its butt and then we but some herbs over the skin- rosemary, pepper, lemon and a few others. My mom usually does the Thanksgiving Dinner. So we winged it. And we had carrots cooked with a wee bit of honey. Mashed potatoes. Cabbage rolls, which I didn’t touch, because they taste like fart. Homemade stuffing with Italian sausage in it. And we all made the meal together which was cool. My boyfriend is the main cook in this household but we all did a bit here and there to put it all together. And it turned out rather well.

I am quite impressed by our efforts really. It was delicious.

So we made WAY too much for 4 people. So today we are doing another thing my mom usually does… making turkey soup. Which we also have never done. And we are also winging it. But, got to use the leftovers somehow- other than yummy sandwiches.

After we rested. As one days when one is over-stuffed with way too much food. WAY too much food.

Then my brother and his girlfriend play a board game while my boyfriend and I continued to binge Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix, debating who is dead and who might be alive or if they are all ghosts.

It may be a pandemic but you can still enjoy the holidays in a small way. Or video chat with your family. Or chill and binge Netflix. Whatever works.

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