Artwork: Exploring watercolours

So I am exploring watercolouring. It is interesting so far. I am winging it at the moment but I did buy a book which is how I have learned anything so far. Because … well, pandemic so no art classes and small city… so no art classes. And I like to just figure things out by myself anyway since I am disabled and can’t drive at the moment.

The book I bought is Everyday Watercolor: Learn to Paint Watercolor in 30 days

This is what I have done just by winging it

Sort of different approaches each time. And just miniatures really because the box of paint I ordered came with these nice small sheets to use that are awesome. Aside from the third one here which is one Thick watercolor paper that does Not blend well at all. Since they are miniatures I am sticking to my figure art and not doing any landscapes yet. But I think I might wait until I work on technique to do that anyway.

It is an interesting exploration and I look forward to learning more about this medium.

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