Artwork: Experimenting with Watercolors

I wanted to try a new medium and I thought why not try watercolors? Why Not? Well, for one, I do not know much about this art form at all. Aside from the 1 painting I did in Junior High and I do not remember much about Junior High.

But I have ordered a book to teach me techniques. It has not come yet. So… I thought I would wing it to give it a go anyway. Watched a few YouTube videos and such.

First thing I know about watercolors

There are actually a lot of materials you can have. I did not know that. Even the watercolors themselves come in different forms. I have tubes, for example. But they come in the normal cube trays you usually see. And Water pens too! I am like Huh.

Second, you need special paper because you are making it wet to use it, and then wetter with the brush and it needs to be thick. Well, I ordered watercolor paper… but the paper I have is Too thick… doesn’t stay wet at all. So this means the paint doesn’t spread well at all and makes it rather hard to paint on. I will need to get a thinner grade. Or paint in really small sections.

My first and second attempts

Second thing I noticed

I just have the basic brushes that came with it. And I need Smaller brushes for detail that I cannot get with the smallest they gave me. So I may use the brushes I have for paint-by-numbers for that detail I want… as they are much smaller.

So these are pretty raw right now. I think the book will help me with techniques. And new paper will help with this lack of flow I have going on. And a smaller brush will help with some detail work at the end stage. So.. it is going to be an interesting medium to explore. I do have some paper left in my drawing book that is multi-purpose that I can use to practice once I do get the book so that will help.

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