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Things to do in isolation during the pandemic

I know it is difficult to be isolated for long periods of time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I rarely go out for example. Ehm, this is not because of the pandemic but let’s say it is. However, recently I did have an issue with my asthma, still do, because allergies suck this year, still do, and apparently coughing and wheezing are ‘Covid-19’ symptoms. So I had to get tested and isolate myself for the good of all humanity (I saved the world. Well, it turns out I was negative and it was my asthma but still, I could have been a hero). And when you have to isolate you DON’T WANT to isolate. Even though I am always rather at home most of the time anyway.

Things to do in isolation during the pandemic

So here are some ideas on what to do when you are isolated (because you’re waiting for test results, have health issues and are at risk, are a hermit writer or, like me, all 3)

  1. Blast the tunes and have a dance party… for one
  2. Have a very in-depth philosophical conversation with your cat. They are Deep, man, very Deep.
  3. Get extremely stoned and stare at the wall pondering the universe
  4. I got too stoned to remember what I was going to say here… carry on
  5. Have a nap!
  6. Eat a whole bag of chips. Okay, I am still stoned. But still, you get snacky when you are going nowhere.
  7. Pick up a new hobby. Like ‘staring out windows’ and ‘Pacing the house’ and ‘visiting the basement’ and ‘Moving stuff around the house randomly.’
  8. Make a blanket fort. Bring into the fort either a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer. And then Tweet people drunk.
  9. Binge everything there is on Netflix. EVERYTHING!
  10. Rage scream… preferably at 4 AM for the most effectiveness.
  11. Paint a mural on your walls… using whatever medium you have (ketchup and mustard work, for example)
  12. Panic! Then calm down. PANIC! Calm down. Repeat as needed.
  13. Step outside… breathe that air in. Step back inside. Outside, breathe. Inside. Outside. Inside.
  14. Remember you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or partner or roommate. Continue to ignore their existence.
  15. Write a novel. (I wouldn’t recommend this. You have to be just a tad insane. Just saying. Bit nutbars)
  16. Crochet clothes. Yes, people do that. Wear that. So, yeah, do it and start an Etsy store. Why not?
  17. Plot to take over the world. Again. Yeah, the first 10000 attempts failed but don’t let that discourage you.
  18. Build a robot out of boxes and duct tape. Name him. Let him sit at the table with you when you eat. Ensure everybody in your house refers to him by his name. One day, whenever you feel comfortable… no rush… wear him as a suit and make them refer to you Only as your New Robot Name. You can also go with a costume like Iron Man… whatever you prefer.
  19. Plant catnip outside. Adopt every cat that comes to your house. Call your house a cat sanctuary. Yay cats! (Actually, no this is bad. Pet hoarding is not a good idea. Maybe borrow a pile of kittens to snuggle… but then given them back before the owners get home. That is totally cool. It is a de-stressor and self-care.)
  20. Move into your blanket fort and refuse to come out. There are downfalls to this… so… just warning you.
  21. Buy EVERYTHING on Amazon. Including ALL MY BOOKS.

Yes, I am perfectly sane- why do you ask?

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