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Cover reveal: Rise of Gods: Book 3 of The Alignment

So the third book of The Alignment Series will be out soon called Rise of Gods.

This is a trilogy so it is the last book… but there will be spin-off books in that world where the main character of this one pops in from time to time.

Cover of Rise of Gods

The Blurb

Fifty years ago the Alignment between our universe and the Realm started. With it, an influx of Universal Energy which powered up the Earth’s ley lines and people who are sensitive to it became wizards, witches, or psychics. When the Alignment hit translucent spirit entities also crossed over creating all sorts of creatures. Living in the Realm and able to travel between are the Fae. Sorcerers, like Irelynne have always monitored any exiled Fae in the world, but during an Alignment they can cross far more easily.

Ire has discovered it is a double Alignment and the realm only referred to as the Down is also in alignment with Earth. She saved one Down creature from an Unseelie Fae to learn its secrets for its secrets are the origins of her people. The Down creatures, known by the Fae as De’vegalic, and by themselves as the Reist, created sorcerers to be their slaves.

However, the Unseelie Fae will not allow the Reist to come to Earth. They will now allow sorcerers to live when the Down is in alignment at the same time as the Realm. They fear the consequences and will do everything they can to destroy Ire’s people.

Yet all seems calm until wizards start to backlash on their magic for no apparent cause. Witches auras are becoming poisoned. Ire gets drawn into finding out why before the humans get stirred up believing a new Plague Days is upon them.

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