Artwork: colour expressive forms

My expressive form practice has all been from the book Expressive Figure Drawing I picked up after I was done with my beginner book. Because it appealed to me to learn figure drawing.

At this point in the book I am just practicing from the images he has because I have no models. Just getting a feel for poses and the forms and flow. And I think I am getting the hang of it. Enough that I can alter some. Do them in different mediums. Add things I want to add. Things like that. Tweak them.

I am not that far in. So I hope to get to a point where I draw freehand my own figures from my imagination- for lack of models on hand to draw from that is.

It is a great book at this point reading wise.

I am limited in mediums. I have charcoal which I do like. And pencils, I also like them. And coloured pencils which are what these where done with for lack of any medium to do colour.

Blue expressive form
rainbow expressive form
flesh tone expressive form

I am progressing I think. I will have to see what comes of it when I do without another image in front of me. That will be tricky.

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