Artwork: abstract face sketches

I sometimes get some odd images to draw that do not require anything to do with reality form… much more abstract form. Not Picasso but abstract for me. Always based on some concept I have from something I am thinking about. I like to sketch them just for funsies. It doesn’t advance my skill any… it is more- expressive.

Artwork: Abstract face sketches

So I had these three rolling around my head. I had the migraine one done first but I needed to colour it and darken it a bit. The other two I worked on the same day. Because I was in a dark mood and needed some art therapy. So a good time to do some drawing.

Don't Worry; Be happy
‘Don’t worry; be happy’
Silence is golden
“Silence Is Golden”

Anyway, it is interesting for this specific way to express myself. I don’t think they are great art-wise but I think they are interesting to express the point I want to… they are more of a message sort of art than my interpretation of reality art.

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