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Some things to cheer me up

I think life has been rather shitty lately. Just saying. So I have to do things to maintain my mood which is a fickle beast at best.

So some things that made me happy this week


I got these plants! I wanted some plants… that were easy to keep alive because I suck at that… to liven up the house a bit. And today I got some. Two aloe ones. And one fern thingie. Yes, that is the technical term. Fern thingie. Either way, I am old Aloe plants don’t need much water and are hard to kill. Let’s hope that is true.

For remembering some sad things. This time of year; end of May and beginning of June I remember my brother’s passing. Generally how he died and how I wish I could have prevented that. But also the last time I spent time with him. So happy-sad I guess. Because he lives in my memories. And most of those memories are good ones to have.

That this Holter Moniter contraption confirmed my ticker is just fine. And likely the random weirdness I have been having is from a medication I was on that, wow, was no fun at all. Anyway, worth it for some peace of mind. My heart still does weird shit but that drug has a Long half-life so it will be a bit. It is better than it was so there is that.


I got a hair cut. Which was nice. And then since my hair was shorter than its epic pandemic length I was able to dye it with my remaining dye- blue. And that just makes me happy because I like dying my hair funky colours sometimes. It just is fun. Just because it is.


Think Chonky Charlie snuggle bug never fails to boost my mood with his demands for snuggle … very demanding actually and insistent… and sometimes he stares at your while you pet him to ensure you are doing it right. And meows insistently if you stop for a second. Yeah, this dude makes me happy. He was sick for a few days and needed a vet visit but is all better now so I am very pleased it was nothing series in this 12 year old fella.

It is the little things sometimes. Just simple little things in a shitfest of a year.

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