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Artwork and Poem combo: Break me

So I was in a Mood yesterday. A real funk. And then I couldn’t sleep. So take that mood slump, add a dash of insomnia and I had some inspiration. Bit dark, bit sad, bit moody.


Kill me, leave me
Gut me, bleed me
Set me free

Stop this torture
Break my heart
Be steady, be sure
Tear us apart

Rip us asunder
Let’s be done with this game
Be the storm, be the thunder
And I’ll be the same
Darkness face

And put the two together

Break me poem

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3 thoughts on “Artwork and Poem combo: Break me”

    1. It really did. I usually does when I can work through it with some sort of art or writing. I find it very helpful sort of release for me. Which is good because I have Major Depressive Disorder, managed by medication, and so when I slump I need to manage my mood somehow. And this seems to be the most effective way for me

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