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Year 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything

So I just had a birthday and I am now 43. As we know from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is, in fact, 42.

Year 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything

Therefore, we can assume the age of 42 is one of profound wisdom where we get a glimpse of Life, the Universe and Everything.

So what profound wisdom can I impart to you from my 42nd year?

Nothing. I barely remember it.

Okay, I got a few things

Me at 43
Me at 43


You’re 40’s if you’re a woman are a magical decade of not giving a flying fuck anymore. The moment you hit 40 you are more assertive and you just lose all your fucks. You simply do not care what others’ opinion of you is and you will just do what you want. It is a wonderful level of freedom.


Life is meaningless. There I said it. But the good news is that humans are meaning making machines. So we can create a meaning for life, any meaning we want, and roll with it. So go forth and create some meaning and just, ah, stick to that.


The universe is big. Very big. Like massive. And we are a wee little spec of nothing compared the the vastness that is out there. To think we are so grand and important is rather egotistical, don’t you think? And yet, here we are, on our own planet trashing it like a teenager trashing their bedroom because we don’t feel like cleaning it up. Thinking we are so awesome that we can destroy the world for every other living being on it. That makes us… dicks. No wonder U.F.O’s just come by and stare at us… they are watching reality TV of the species that will inevitably self-destruct.


Everything IS fucked. Life is pain and suffering. But that isn’t the point, is it? It is finding a way to live your life with all that crap and find gleams of sunshine in there. It is how you react to the pain and suffering. How you savor the brief joys. How you enjoy the simple things. And don’t freak your shit out about small things that don’t even matter in the scheme of things.

I’ll tell you as someone who is disabled even your career isn’t as important as you think. It can be gone in an instant due to illness or retirement or this effed up economy. And if you tie your identity to what you do for work that is going to be a bit traumatic. But who we are is a lot more than what we do to pay the bills. And the moment we die our boss will have a want ad out to replace us, so remember that to them we are not that important, so we shouldn’t but that much value on it ourselves. Having a career you are passionate about though is cool if you can do it… and that passion can continue on after in other ways. Fact is, we are complex beings and one facet should not be Overvalued over other facets. Or undervalued either.

Life is pain quote


All I know is I know nothing. Always learn and progress and get better but never claim to be the best… because that means you are done and you should never be done. I’m a genius… there are a lot of people smarter than me. I have some small accomplishments… a whole lot of people have accomplished way more than I ever will. I have some modest skills… some people have some insane skills. I know some things… some people know a whole lot about certain things and things I will never know a thing about. You be you… but someone will always be great and better so don’t compare yourself to anyone but your past self. And don’t claim to know everything when there are people you can talk to who know so much about a subject you know nothing about you can lean on for information. Why pretend you know it all? You never will. But you can learn as much as you want about all the things that interest you… so go forth and learn.

So I know very little about anything really. So much for this profound year of wisdom that has now officially ended. Ah, well. Ask me again if I live to 100… I’m sure I will have something to say about it then, if our robot overlords let me. But so far I have nothing really figured out… still. I think we all just wing it and pretend we know what the hell we are doing when really we have no idea at all. I just know I have no clue. And I know I am winging it.

I don’t think anything happens for a reason. I don’t think there needs to be a reason. Our brains just like reasons. And we like something to blame when the shit goes down and if there is nothing to blame we blame ourselves for things out of our control. It may be that all of time exits simultaneously and all of our life is laid out already but that doesn’t mean there is any overlaying reason behind it all. It just means that is how the universe works, if it works that way.

We are all just emotional meatsicks that think we are rational. When in fact our emotions are dragging around our rational mind behind it so we can make up reasons for what we do. We are animals that think we are rational animals.

There I laid down some random wisdom. Profound? No. Interesting? No. Unique and fascinating. Also no.

The wind howls, but the mountain remains still

Japanese proverb

There that is profound. Remember that one.

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