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The Surge book Promotion

I have set up a promotion on my book The Surge, book 1 in the Rift World series.

It will be 99 cents till April 26th.

Universal link to all available outlets to purchase the ebook.

Vie is a Chaos wizard who feels the price of pain for her magic. She is a Wilder, never trained by Covenant wizards and, therefore, seen as unstable and unpredictable. Her world is ravaged by rifts in reality that open to other realms. Creatures spill into her world and people can fall into another. Covenant wizards will enslave useful creatures that fall into the world and they use teleporters to kidnap others from their homeworld. She is a Porter as well and has spent a great deal of time in those realms. Enough to abhor slavery. When she can, she helps return people to her world and ‘demons’ to theirs.

There is a world, in particular, close to her heart that she protects; an offshoot of the 12 Realms. When a child is kidnapped from that realm she will do everything in her power to rescue her. Certainly, before the Covenant realizes the natives of that Realm have abilities they could use and abuse. To save that world she will save the child. Hopefully, before anyone understands what Vie really is.

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