Artwork: Self-portrait practice

Portraits are not an easy feat. I don’t know if the idea of practicing on oneself is better… or not.

Here is my image I used to draw from:

Either way, it has been… a challenge. But that is what makes it fun.

Finished, I think

This portrait actually looks like me. In my orange tinted specs. And when my hair was long and dyed. I was looking for Front Facing pics. Next is tilted portraits. But I think I will try some front facing portraits of other people before I do that.

Steps I took

So this is the in progress shots. Just for the fun of it.

Previous attempts

The first attempt is the one on the Right:

It isn’t bad really but drawing the eyes through the glasses messed me up… then messed the glasses up.

The second attempt on the Left:

And it is actually worse because I drew my circle outline too wide for my face…. so when I matched the eyes to the picture… they Also ended up wider. lol So now I like the picture. It looks sort of neat but not a thing like Me.

Again this is the book I am using to refresh my skills and maybe improve them? One hopes.

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11 thoughts on “Artwork: Self-portrait practice”

  1. I started sketching two months back, haven’t experimented with self-portrait sketch yet! I think it’s very important for an artist to make self-portraits, helps in increasing focus and brings balance to one’s artwork!
    It’s good to take progress shot, good work👍

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