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Haven Series book 6 Half-breed: Potential Covers

So I have some potential cover designs for the Last book in the Haven Series which will be called Half-Breed.

Here are the basic outlines of those covers

I have just started editing Book 6 in the Haven Series. Just picked the title- Half-breed. But I am looking at some rough ideas for covers. I made all the covers for this series, so this is not one I can purchase a cover… it will not blend at all. So here I am making one again. However, this is the image I want to use. Just not sure how I want to present it.

I think I like the colouring best on the third one (#3) Even the style works- aside from the title font which will need to be changed.

I like this one but not too sure this would be #3:

Let me know your thoughts! on which # you like best

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9 thoughts on “Haven Series book 6 Half-breed: Potential Covers”

    1. I like #3 and then if you look at the two options for #3 then I like #2 of #3 but I tend to be a traditionalist. I don’t like titles messen up the picture. Have you looked at all 6 covers together? To get an impression of the whole series?
      Just wondering how you would think of them all at once!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. I even tried a style to mimic the first 4 of the series but then 5 breaks form that so I think 6 should also be its own… but not too far from 6… so simple in design.


    1. So #1 image wise. But #4 and #5 text wise. Font is easy to change and play with. That I am not so concerned about. More appeal of the layout itself and which stands out the best. You are the 3rd person that likes #1 for that. Thank you so much for your feedback!


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