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New book: Cover for The Old Gods book 2 of The Alignment

So I have the new cover for the second book in The Alignment series, following Lost Magic.

The Old Gods

The books has gone through the editing process by Marian L Thorpe who really helped me out. I am working through the edits now. I am a bit under the weather so it is slow going but I hope to have a release date for you guys soon!

A blurb to tempt you:

In The Old Gods Irelynne will work for the local vampire hive in Coldbrooke as they are being attacked by magic. However, the attack on them might be tied to the attacks on other Changed in the Community and the kidnappings of a few witches. A human hate group is in town and it seems they are riled up and aiming to cause as much destruction as possible in the paranormal Community. Or is something deeper behind these attacks?

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