Artwork: Practicing hands

So I did buy a drawing book

It is called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and I won’t post most of the exercises. Like drawing upside down images (not drawing upside which I said originally and that would be tricky indeed! lmao) which was rather interesting in its results, by the way. It has some great exercises that sort of take you step by step into helping your perceptions improve. Not step by step Drawing. No, just helping you improve your basic skills.

But the hands… hands are a bitch to draw for me. Never really had much of a talent for it. It irked me to no end. But I have now improved.

Just draw a hand to show your skill level

So this was just at the beginning. Draw your hand to just show your level of drawing skills. So this is what I drew without any of the exercises.

Sketches from 1st exercise

First attempt at 2nd exercise

2nd Attempt at 2nd exercise

So definite improvement over my usual attempts at hands for sure. It is interesting that with a bit of focus and exercises you can improve in a way that is noticeable to me. Some improvement anyway, I think.

So I am liking this book. It is interesting in the exercises it takes you through that help you perceive differently than you were before. Great for someone like me that is quite out of practice and never really learned any Skills.

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