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Cover choices for The Alignment book 2- Old Gods

So I am in a pickle. I have some covers and I am not sure which to pick. So I’m going to post all three and see if anyone wants to toss out an opinion.

To give you a general idea of theme for the series… this is the first cover:


Okay. I love this cover. I bought it.
The main issue is my character is Egyptian with black hair and darker skin… and so that seems like it doesn’t work well for me. So hard to get covers that fit that criteria, by the way.


What I like about this one is that it is primarily green which is in them similar to the first cover. Secondly, you cannot see the details of the face so I don’t have the issue of ethnicity, but she does have black hair… so score there.


Okay, I whipped this one up myself because I was like I have no idea which one of the two I have to even choose. This one the fonts would likely change (To match the first) but this is the image… so generally idea.

OR none of the above and should I start from scratch? Hmmm

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9 thoughts on “Cover choices for The Alignment book 2- Old Gods”

  1. I feel like your first one matches the first one with the theme. Is there no way to use photoshop to make her hair black?

    The second one would be a back up option for me. But it’s hard to read your name up top. Perhaps in white or have the color blend from black to white instead?

    Overall though, one appeals to me more. Fits better.

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    1. I agree. I will give my photoshop a go and see what I can do. If I can change the hair and so forth… that would be enough to sell me on it. I have not messed around with that program in some time. But the book is still with the editor so i have time. lol I can definitely change the name in the second one, I do agree about the name… just blends in.

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      1. If not, I’m sure you can hire an editor or so for cheap that knows Photoshop on like Fiverr or Freelancer or so.

        I just like the first one a lot. It goes with book one so well theme wise.

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