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Art: I got some new art supplies

My boyfriend got me some new art supplies for Christmas. I think he got me about every beginner thing you could possibly get a person. From all the pencils, to charcoal pencils, to charcol, to eraser types and smudgers. As well as coloured pencils which I will have some fun with. A new sketchbook which I shall leave untouched until i finish my practice sketchbook.

I love that he thought of it and paid attention to my interest in this new hobby of mine. I am having a blast with it. I like the idea of creating when I am not writing. Creativity seems to spur more creativity.

So when I settle in for the night I sketched this with my new pencils and smudgers. Just for fun. Just to give them a go. Try out some new things and just to draw something I had in my eye.

I was going to give her eyes but the blank facade… well, it worked. Was what I felt. Anyway, it is interesting to me. What I was thinking about at the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Art: I got some new art supplies”

  1. What a lovely gift to recieve and a nice suprose. I wish I got more gifts like this. I mostly only use acrylic paints at the moment but would love to be able to experiment with pencils, charcoal and watercolours etc.


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