Art: My latest attempt

I rather like this hobby. I like the emotion you can put into it. Sort of like poetry but, obviously, visually. I just need to work on my actual technique and skill.

I saw some books for that and I might actually get them. Or maybe YouTube. Or the Internet. All are good for that sort of thing. And I know the sort of things I want to work on. So there is that. I just want to express myself.

Anyway, I think this will make a fine hobby. It takes time. Practice. And slowly over the passage of time you can see yourself improve. And I like that idea. I just wish I had kept up with it when I was younger. But things were what they were then.

I think I might be getting over my perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome. Since I can post these without a problem. Knowing they are far from perfect and flawed. And clearly the work of an amateur but not caring because I like it. I like doing it and I enjoy it for the sake of doing it and that is literally all that matters with this hobby. With my perfectionism I would not Do something if I couldn’t be Perfect. Or I would never Show it to anyone if it wasn’t Perfect… so never. And I was constantly embarrassed by my efforts because they were never good enough. I was never good enough. Nothing was ever good enough. But the older I get the more I realize imperfection is just progress. And imperfection is just normal flawed nature.

Why can’t we create for the sake of creating? Without that persistent self-doubt? I know self-doubt will plague me with writing and maybe that is fine since it spurs me to be better. But with other things it stagnates and stifles creativity. Sometimes I think it is like being a child… we must remember how to play with our imaginations. No harm in just playing. See where it takes us, eh? Enjoy the journey.

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Art: Trying a more emotive style
I’m not an artist but I like creating

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