Art: Trying more emotive style

So I’ve been exploring styles and I have found less detail and more emotive styles are interesting to play with. I rather like it a lot and may work with this some more to see what I can come up with. I have done two so far.

It is easier with my nerve damage to do this sort of messier style. And I might try other more abstract styles as a result. See what I come up with. When I was younger I was quite detailed. Quite different than this. Also more skilled than this but I still need practice and control. Not sure I can gain that control with my dominant hand being the way it is. But it is great art therapy, I think. For chronic pain and such.

So this one I do love. It was my first in this style and something about it. I don’t know. It gets to me. I made it but it came out better than I had intended to express what I wanted. So now I look at it and it sort of gives me the feels. Just rapid line and squiggles… little thought or planning involved at all.

This last one was representing my mood lately. Call it pre-winter blues. Call it what you want but it is a funk.

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