Almost November: NaNoWriMo time!

I just finished my final edits on book 2 of the Alignment in time for Nano. Cutting it by a fine edge as well.

NaNoWriMo as you might know is the writing month of November where a bunch of us nutty writers aim to write a novel (50k words) in a month. Or more. I aim for 50k and if I make it I make it… more is just icing on the cake. I always start hard so I can pace later and that has always worked for me. My name is Myth1977 if you want to buddy with me on there.

I’ll be finished the final book of the Alignment trilogy (book 1 Lost Magic is for sale now) and when I am done that i’ll move onto the final book in the Haven series for NaNoWriMo. Which will be awesome because they both need to be done anyway. Both have finished plotlines and are more than halfway done so it will be good for 50k. I got my plan.

NaNoWriMo is awesome for setting a good writing habit. But it never sticks around after. Yet you know you are capable of it. I have done it 4 years now. And won every year.

I do not know if I will succeed this years NaNo

  • I am dealing with vertigo which limits when I can write due to dizziness and vestibular symptoms
  • My recent diagnosis of MS, well, lets just say I am extremely fatigued some days and I can’t do a damn thing except rest and sleep so i won’t be making my word count those days.
  • I do not write much a day these days and I am not sure I can make the minimum word count required to win.

And yet… I am up for the challenge anyway because I do love to write. And maybe I will not win but I will try. It isn’t all about winning but the attempt. And either way… you get part of your novel done. And that is all that matters, eh? And I am sure I will finish the one I intend to get done anyway, so that will be good and done.

I got my plan. Ready to go. Plot is all set. Just waiting. I will not be starting at midnight like I used to… my vertigo brain doesn’t permit me to stay up late anymore. Vertigo goes nutbars as the night is long and I cannot say up late. I crash and burn at 11 pm. But I will start very early wish is equally unusual for me.

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4 thoughts on “Almost November: NaNoWriMo time!”

  1. Good luck! I live my writing but will have to give it a miss this year. Just too much going on at work and not enough energy when I’m home. I need to get writing again next year.
    Be proud of yourself for any progression even if you do not hit the goal. Go at your own pace x

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