Another amatuer piece of art

Yep another fantastic creation from me. I know, my skill are not quite that awesome but I do like this sort of visual creation as a break from writing. It is interesting. I enjoy it and that is what matters. I think I needed a ruler for this one but alas I had nothing at the time so I winged it. Anyway, it is just for funsies so if it wasn’t perfect no problem.

I think it is a hobby that has a lot of value for a writer. Thinking visually and trying to express ourselves in new and interesting ways. I don’t have the skill I used to have and I do doubt it will spontaneously return. But maybe I will becomes a different sort of ameteur artist instead. You never know.

I wanted to practice some faces anyway. Simple faces. Before I explore other styles. This started as a self-portrait face of my mood at the time. And then I added the labyrinth to it. And since I had a poem I wrote about that concept I added that (a poem I wrote slightly intoxicated so it is an oddball one)

I don’t think you can read the poem I put on here from this pic it is:

There in the labyrinth, I’m blind

With smiling eyes and golden lies

Free my mind

Take off my disguise

Take off my disguise

Flee from the dark,

With smiling eyes and golden lies

Unscathed, unmarked

Into the light, I flee

There in the labyrinth, I’m blind

And now, now I see

Freed my mind

Then I put it through an app for just the fun of it… it is the month of Halloween after all. And look at this fun-ness

And this one is just a work in progress.

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