Introverts… just be a wee bit extroverted to be happy?

If you are an introvert, force yourself to be an extrovert. You’ll be happier.

Medical press

Well that statement just gets under my skin

Introverts... just be a wee bit extroverted to be happy?

Okay let’s see what they actually studied before we tell them to fuck off and explain why they should fuck off, shall we?

the first-ever study asking people to act like extroverts for a prolonged period. For one week, the 123 participants were asked to—in some cases—push the boundaries of their willingness to engage, by acting as extroverts. For another week, the same group was asked to act like introverts.

“The findings suggest that changing one’s social behavior is a realizable goal for many people, and that behaving in an extroverted way improves well-being,” said Lyubomirsky, a UCR psychologist and co-author of the study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Psychologists favor “extrovert” to the more commonly used “extrovert,” due to its historic use in academia, and the Latin origins of “extra,” meaning “outside.”


The words

Some assumptions are made here. One is the language they asked to consider in their social interactions. “The adjectives for extroversion were “talkative,” “assertive,” and “spontaneous”; for introversion, “deliberate,” “quiet,” and “reserved.””

I’m the first to admit I am reserved and in certain contexts I am quiet while I assess the situation. Being reserved just means, no, you’re not going to get my life story in 2.5 seconds after I meet you. Hell, that takes months or years. But for fuck sakes already who is assuming Introverts cannot be talkative? Maybe we don’t like talking about the weather… but who the Hell Does? So yeah we like to engage people on a level we find interesting and we will talk a lot. And who ever said we couldn’t be spontaneous? I can be. And I am very introverted. I just do not feel every single person deserves to know intimate details of my life story two minutes after I meet them. And I don’t need to hear their intimate details either… just saying.

.”It showed that a manipulation to increase extroverted behavior substantially improved well-being,” Lyubomirsky said. “Manipulating personality-relevant behavior over as long as a week may be easier than previously thought, and the effects can be surprisingly powerful.”



We all know socializing improves mental and emotional well-being in Extroverts And Introverts. I know this because I am chronically ill and I have had depression… and it is one of the major things they tell you when you self isolate (an easy thing for an introvert to do) is that every human needs social interaction to thrive. And that is Literally all this study is showing. That is all. And Introverts socialize in the ways we have a preference to socialize. And we do communicate effectively with the people we encounter. We do not hide in bushes or run away screaming.

Introversion and Extroversion

Introverts gain energy and rechange from alone time. Extroverts gain energy and charge up from social interaction. That is all, man. To imply there are specific traits to each one is fallible. Shyness is a trait… it is Not necessarily a trait an introvert has. They can. But they can also not. Social anxiety is something an introvert can have and an extrovert can have. It isn’t a trait of introversion. It is a mistake to assume either of these apply to Introversion.

So now that we have established that fact. Let’s share a wee secret… not all Introverts are incompetent at social interaction. We have a preference for small groups or one-on-one vs. a whole lot of strangers. But if your saying in your study be spontaneous and chat up a stranger… ah, not hard. I chat up the teller at the bank. Someone waiting in line. My neighbors. And other random social situations I find myself in because I know how to socialize. I am perfectly fine at it. I am comfortable with it. I prefer not to because the conversation isn’t exactly stimulating but I do it to be friendly. Especially to tellers and cashiers who usually are treated like crap (and I know it because I have been in their shoes)

We are Not flawed Extroverts! Damn it all. We just recharge from alone time. And we like it. And enjoy it. And we choose to interact with a select few people in social situations. As our main preference. Doesn’t mean we do not socialize in other situations as well. Just that we have preferences. I’m not going to fake being an extrovert. I am a damn happy introvert, thank you very much. So go screw your study. And maybe some of the extroverts should try learning a thing or two from US. Like hey the Loudest in the room isn’t the Right one. I know it seems like if you talk over everyone like a douche it makes you right but weirdly enough it doesn’t.

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2 thoughts on “Introverts… just be a wee bit extroverted to be happy?”

  1. I had to learn to be an extrovert, but I still call myself an introvert. Even though people call me an extrovert, I still tend to stay on the edges watching. I think that comes from too many years as a cop, and besides, I’m not really a very social person. I think I just learned how to be out there (does that make sense) in much the same way the I learned to work on cars. I don’t really enjoy it. but I can do it.

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    1. I understand. I learned to be more outgoing for work but I’m still an introvert. I just developed much better social skills. People are often surprised I am not an extrovert. I tell them I use humour to make myself comfortable but trust me I’m an introvert and I thrive on my alone time


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